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You know I got to have special lamps to be in society.

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3rd May 2011


8th March 2011

8:51am: HFBD!!!
Happy Birthday samwize!!!

22nd February 2011

10:38am: Facebook Baleated!
Hey Y'all, just wanted to let you know I deleted my facebook account. It's wayyyy too nosy for me, I never use it and quite frankly I'm tired of being reminded of the existence of persons for whom I was happier forgetting.

Also, I still read lj daily. That is all.

11th November 2010

12:29pm: That was random
Comcast's description of Matlock:

"Grandpa Simpson's favorite series: a courtroom drama about a cagey Atlanta defense attorney."

2nd June 2010

10:03am: Holy crap, Pepper is SUCH a good dog. You can tell exactly why her last owners had trouble with her (she is kinda destructive): not enough exercise and discipline. Oh, and we've revised our estimate of what she is. My latest theory is an Australian cattle dog/German shepherd. She has the coloration of the former and the size, stance and gait or the former. So far, she has been exceptionally easy to train, provided I walk the hell out of her first.

New pic under the cutCollapse )

28th May 2010

This is Pepper. She'll be coming home with us tomorrow :)

6th May 2010

9:06am: Thanks!
Thanks to everyone for the warm b-day wishes both here and on FB. it really made my day :)

Also, a well made short film created with TF2:

19th April 2010

R.I.P. little buddy, I'm going to miss you
Last night at around 3 AM, Lance passed away. He had been having a lot of trouble with his hips and back over the last few weeks, and could hardly move at all for the last four days. Lance decided that he had had enough.

Eva and I adopted Lancelot in Madison in July of 2006. He was an older guy even then...around 8 or 9. He's been our companion and friend for over 3.5 years, not to mention our guard dog and remover of wayward cats from our property (and stealer of banana bread, but even then it was still cute). Lance loved going on trips with us and picking up cheeseburgers on the way home. He's been coddled, spoiled and most of all loved by us as best we could. I like to think that we gave him a good life for his twilight years and I'm sure he knew that he was loved and very special to us when his time came.

Goodbye Lance, my furry friend; I will miss you greatly.

Lance: ~1997 - April 19, 2010.
R.I.P. little buddy, I'm going to miss you

8th March 2010

8:42am: Happy Birthday samwize!!!

21st February 2010

11:32am: Happy Birthday deaconobvious!!!

12th February 2010

8:42am: What a country!
see more Political Pictures

9th February 2010

12:50pm: Happy Birthday increvable!!!!!!

8th April 2009

8:50am: Champaign election results
I was able to find one good place with all of our election results:


19th March 2009

8:12pm: Just so ya know
There is a Buckminster Fuller exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. It looks rather nifty and should be checked out.

8th March 2009

1:06am: Happy Birthday samwize!!!

23rd February 2009

8:58am: Sorry it's two days late...
Happy Birthday deaconobvious!!!

27th January 2009

8:56am: I think I'm breaking up with Achewood.

18th November 2008


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